The producing wrought iron doors specification :
1.  iron door jamb 60mm x 120mm or 80mm x 160mm ,two jambs
2. the door sheet   60mm x 120mm or  50mm x 100mm ,two options. 
3. iron door's arch use large arching equipment made, it can make sure arch jamb very beautiful.
4. iron door use 2 layer front glass 8mm tempered glass, 12mm gauge steel, back 8mm tempered glass. or 5mm or hollow tempered glass. 2 layer glass front clear tempered glass and back rain glass can keep not dirty easy cleaning, good thermal function.
5. iron door hinges diameter 35mm ,it can injection butter oil,our iron door jamb & doorstop & door bottom seal strip use high quality plastic seal material.  the seal effcifence is very good.
6. iron door  include  handles and lock system, it can save your cost to buy lock and include 5 keys to your hand.
7. iron door primer paint and surface paint we use car paint, it can not rust and looks more beautifuly than normal door paint. also the paint quality is more expensive than
normal wrought iron paint cost.
8.we improvement stronger packing ,plastic stretch film and perlite pvc 
film double packing and blue foam board,that will make sure the paint will not chipping again.if customer order
more doors, we seperately packing, door jambs use one wood case, and door sheets use another  wood case packing. 

9.all our door jambs and door sheets filled in thermal break material, this material also anti-fire, and it knock voice like wooden door, 

10.about glass we can use 5 options, 1 layer glass or 2 layer glass, 
double layers hollow glass(16mm or 22mm), Low-e glass ,and anti-fire glass,about our advantage we can making anti-fire glass use on our doors,
 if you use anit-fire glass on your doors, that the door have more function than normal tempered glass ,it can use in more postion for decoration more place.
11.our iron door packing use iron tube +wood case that can make sure safety shipping to customer address.
13. We can custom design all kind of wrought  iron project ,  just send us your picture and your  dimensions .

100% custom made sale Australia wood and iron front doors